Whether you are new to home buying or a seasoned veteran, one of the biggest factors for purchasing a home, or staying in your current home, is location. Why does location matter so much when it comes to real estate?  When you buy a home in a great location, it is almost always a good, solid investment.

When most people weigh their options about remodeling vs. selling, a home’s location and how it fits in with their lifestyle, is a major consideration. If your home is in a good location, fixing it up will almost always provide you with a good return on your investment.

Investing in your current home is a good option, if you can say yes to the following:

1.  Good Access to Transportation

Many of us are commuters in some way or another. For some of us we take trains, buses or even drive to work. Being close to or able to access various modes of transportation and major highways without too much time or expense is a major consideration for future home buyers.

2.  Close to Shopping

While many of us are moving our shopping online, there are things that we need at a last-minute like medicine or milk. You want these kinds of errands to be quick, easy and local.

3.  School System with a Good Reputation

Even if the schools are not a feature you are using at the moment, a good school system helps retain and even increase the value of your home. And the better the school district, the higher the home values are likely to be.

4.  Homes Around You are Being Remodeled

If your neighbors are taking care of their homes or remodeling, this is sign that home values will likely increase.

5.  Active Community/Social Life

Does your community offer options for engagement? Are clubs nearby for you or family members to join? Is your religious institution close by?

6.  A Low Crime Rate

Everyone would like to feel safe at home. They want their kids to be safe and most people are willing to pay for it. Homes in a safe neighborhood are easier to sell.

Many realtors will tell you that it is hard to put a price tag on location. Contact us if you decide to remodel your home and need more information.